Tour of Cahuita National Park

The coral reef of Cahuita National Park includes approximately 240 varieties of habitats. There are 123 different species of fish, 44 species of crustaceans, 140 shellfish and 1281 seaweed species identified. We can also observe 35 different coral species such as the fire coral, the red coral and the black coral, unique to this area. The Park consists of miles of white beach and dense tropical jungle. This tour will start with a boat trip to the coral reef where you will be snorkeling. A guided walk on the Cahuita National Park's trail will follow. Wild animals are easily spotted in the middle of the abundant and colorful flora. The rest of the day is to be enjoyed lying on the white sand beach or visiting Cahuita village. Tour duration: 5 hours + beach time. Price per person: $ 55.00 Minimum 2 people.