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Welcome to Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary: a naturally captivating destination preserved for your recreation. We are redefining hospitality by inventing new standards of healthy living in an environment that evokes the purest feeling of being connected and inspired.

Allow us to guide your adventure down the path of extraordinary. Your adventure begins now.

Samasati blends a forward thinking technique and style of our celebrity artists with a dedicated resident staff team who are committed to redefining the art of hospitality. We are building a new paradigm for healthy living.

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Our Calendar of Retreats and Events

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Shaman in Residence

December 28 – January 8th

John Paul Fischbach


 John Paul Fischbach a world traveled Shaman will be facilitating classes and ceremonies such as:

New Year’s Eve Fire & Earth Ceremony – New Moon Pipe Ceremony – Creating your own Medicine Shield – Samasati Christening

Yoga Teacher Training - Hari-Om International Yoga School

January 10 – 30th

Hari Om Teacher Training – 200 hr and 300 hr

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings give participants the opportunity to get both 200 hr and 300 hr Yoga Certificates. The Hari-Om School is a Yoga Alliance(YA) Registered Yoga School(RYS) and the Certificates are recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Body Painting in the Samasati Rainforest

January 31st – February 15

A Transformative Healing through Art


Orly Faya Snir’s body painting will showcase the sacred feminine merging within the landscape at Samasati.  Coming from the land down under with  a BA in anthropology and a passion for humanity, Orly’s life calling is to re-merge humanity with our Mother Earth.  Open to the public and to guests of Samasati, come take part in the live body painting series, as a model, or a part of the audience.

Peace Through Yoga

February 2 – 5 2015

Yoga – Adventure – Service


Peace through Yoga Foundation groups come to Samasati two to three times a year.  Their itineraries are filled with adventure, yoga, and a day at their International Center for Peace working with local children between the ages of 7 and 14 years old.

A Creative Writing Retreat

February 3 – 10, 2015

Writing – Yoga and Renewal


We believe that in order for you to create the space you need to know what you want from your writing, you need to first feel content and secure in your own mind and body.  Thus, our retreat is a mix of self care in the form of massages, yoga, meditation and other forms of self exploration aimed at inspiring you to create, recharge and revitalize your creative energies and reach your writing and life goals.

Celebrating Life: Awakening with Mary O’Malley

February 8 – 14, 2015

Celebrating Life


Do you long to enjoy the beauty and peace of nature, to play in the warm sun of a tropical paradise? This retreat offers you all of this and more. The smells, the colors, the sounds and the wildlife all conspire to invite you back into the magical presence of life.

Tibetan Healing and Tantric Yoga

February 27 – March 6 – 2015

Tibetan Healing with Dhargya Lopsang


Dhargya is a world known healer changing many lives.  Dhargya will share Tibetan Tantric Yoga and also take appointments for healing work.

Yoga for Solo Travelers

May 2 – 8 – 2015

Connect – Transform – Balance


Take seven days for yourself on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.  Practice yoga’s many forms with Stephany McKenzie.  Make new friendships with other solar travelers coming from around the world.  Hike into Costa Rica’s magnificent waterfalls – practice yoga on our private beach – have a energy massage – enjoy healthy fresh local cuisine.

Geshe YongDong - Tibetan Lama - Healing Mind, Body Spirit

April 19 & 20 2015

Tibetan Lama, Geshe YongDong will focus on the Tibetan Bon healing practices for the body, the mind and the spirit